Hello Friends!  Ellie 's babies have all be spoken for!!  No other baby kittens at this time but we have a 4 year blue fold  fixed male for $250 (SEE ADOPTION PAGE)

Exotic folds owned by Michelle is  a small operated cattery and rescue in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the breeding of Scottish Fold kittens and champion bloodline exotic felines. I  raise our feline friends in the least restrictive, most social environment possible. This includes never using kennels or cages. My  kittens grow up organically interacting other animals (including big, playful dogs!) and they all remain active members of our family until they are transferred to yours. The results are winning personalities and excellent temperaments ensuring our furry bundles of fluff make loyal, loving companions...as well as invaluable, irreplaceable family members.

I am a  member in good standing of the CFA and TICA, and frequently collaborate with breeders of championship exotic bloodlines. To learn more about Exotic Folds Cattery, please visit Our Cattery page. And while you are here, please visit our:

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April   2017

Sociable, Loving & Well Tempered Felines Begin with Compassionate Breeding...

Please feel free to contact me  with any questions you might have, or to learn more about the exquisite kittens we strive to provide for loving families just like yours! arizonascottishfoldskittens@gmail.com  is another email to reach me at or just text me. I answer all emails very quickly, if I did not , I did not get it,.

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