Exotic Folds Cattery (formerly Arizona Scottish Folds Kittens) owned by Michelle strives to provide only the most social, intelligent, healthy, even-tempered and well-demeanored kittens to loving, caring and nurturing forever families. We are proud to be CFA and TICA members in good standing, and specialize in breeding exquisite Scottish Folds kittens, as well as several other species of exotic cat(s). Specifically, we are extremely excited to begin breeding exotic cats in the near future with championship bloodlines from Lion House and Bravlion, both of whom are veterans when it comes to producing show felines. This results in felines with genetically inherited traits, temperaments and aesthetic characteristics very sought after by breeders and owners the world over.  

Although we cannot guarantee the temperament or physical characteristics of any feline, we strive for:

-Coby bodies, round-wide heads/faces, and of course short necks

-Small ears that will either perk or be folded closely to the head

-Large eyes that are very round, bright and clear

-Short and softly curved nose

-Soft and plush double coat

Even though we are very serious about the quality of the kittens we provide, our cattery functions based on a humane compassion for our furry feline bundles of fluff, rather than to make a living breeding studs and queens for overproduction of the species. Our priority is providing happy and healthy feline companions. The most important thing to us at exotic folds is to socialize your kitten to be a lovable, happy and social family member...and this begins with our least restrictive practices including no cages or kennels. All of our babies are treated exactly as such, until they are ready to become yours. To learn more about our cattery policies, including the requirements for adoption, please visit our Policies & Pricing page...and to view adorable photos of kittens from previous litters, as well as photos of our facilities, please visit our Cattery Images page!

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