Exotic Folds Breeding Policy

Exotic Folds Cattery only provides our cats and kittens to families we believe are suitable matches based on each specific kitten's history, temperament and lifestyle. Because our utmost concern is for our feline friends, we reserve the right to refuse any kitten to anyone without any explanation. This policy remains steadfastly in place to ensure every kitten we breed or rescue ends up with the forever family that is the perfect fit for them.

Exotic Folds Adoption Policies & scottish fold prices

Please contact us to discuss our policies further, obtain a copy of the adoption contract, or with any other pricing and policy quest

We accept deposits and payments via PayPal, credit card, check or certified money order. For PayPal payments, an additional 10% service fee will be added to the total price of the adoption, including any transportation charges. A 5% service fee will be added to the total price of the adoption for all credit card transactions. We now have easy payment plans through paypal , however remember each feline friend must be paid in full before you take them home.

Folded eared kittens cost between $1000.00- $1500.00 USD. This price includes a health guarantee contract, spaying or neutering, and all three core kitten vaccinations.

Perk eared kittens cost between $500.00- $800.00 USD. This price includes a health guarantee contract, spaying or neutering, and all three core kitten vaccinations.

Exotic short haired kittens cost is between $800.00 -$1000.00. This cost includes health guarantee, spay or neuter and three core vaccines.

Accepted Payment Methods

Transportation for an adopted kitten can be arranged within the Continental United States. The fee usually ranges between $400.00-$500.00. The transport is safe, humane and reliable, and we do not entertain counter offers contrary to our experience with the methods and means we currently utilize. We will take care of all the arrangements, and you just have to pick him/her up at the airport. If you are adopting multiple kittens, up to two kittens can travel in the same crate for one price. If you are thinking about arranging transportation please remember that we have to be patient and work around any seasonal climate concerns. Also please note that transportation costs are in addition to the adoption fee of the kitten.

Right to Decline Service

Adoption Prices

Short & Long Distance Transportation Arrangements

We are absolutely thrilled that you have found your way to our cattery and have fallen in love with your potential new feline family member! However, please remember that you are not the only person inquiring about that particular kitten. Therefore, and due to the qualitative nature of our cattery's breeding program, our adoption policy is as follows:

1. A deposit* is required to hold the kitten for adoption until he/she is ready to leave.

2. Once you are ready to make a deposit, you will have to agree to and sign our adoption contract. We can provide you with a copy of this contract ahead of time to ensure you understand and agree to our terms and conditions before beginning the adoption process. 

3. When the contract is signed and your deposit is received, your kitten will either stay reserved until old enough to be transferred to you, or transferred upon receipt. A kitten usually joins their adopted family between 10-16 weeks of age, or when that kitten weighs at least 3 pounds. Kittens do come litter trained, 3 sets of their baby vaccines and vaccine records ,  sample pack of food and a copy of educational material.

*Please be advised that even if a conversation and/or tentative planning for adoption has taken place, no kitten can be reserved without a contract and a non-refundable deposit. All deposits include a non-refundable, $500 down payment, plus 5% if paying via credit card or 10 % via PayPal

We sell our kittens as family pets, not future breeders. Therefore and with astoundingly rare exception, we do not provide official papers nor breeding rights. This is also why our kittens are spayed or neutered before being delivered to their forever families. 

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