In order to help as many people and pets in our community as possible, we have established the following procedures for surrendering a cat. Please cut and paste the following intake questionnaire into an email, supply all the appropriate answers, and send to marked *protected email*:

1. Owner’s name:
2. Owner’s phone number:
3. Animal’s name:
4. Breed: Scottish Fold or Exotic Feline (choose one)
5. Gender:

6. Age:
7. Is the animal spayed/neutered?
8. Reason for surrender:                 
9. How long owned:
10. How acquired:
11. Describe the animal’s personality/temperament:
12. What is the animal’s activity level?
13. Any medical issues (past or present):
14. Any behavioral issues (past or present):
15. Is the animal current on vaccinations?

16. Your donation amount:

Additionally, if you are surrendering a cat, please include the following information:

-Is there any history of house soiling or inappropriate elimination?
-Is the cat declawed?
-Is the cat allowed outdoors?

Surrendering A Feline to the Rescue

We are non-profit, tax-exempt, and are funded through private donations sans any government funding. Because of this, we request a small donation of $100 when taking in your feline. We also ask for you to be honest about the difficulties you are having with your feline, so that we are able to help them live their life to the fullest extent and quality possible. Additionally, we are always in need of many everyday and speciality items, including:



-Kitty Litter



Additionally, gift cards to the following businesses help tremendously:


-Pet Supplies Plus


-Home Depot

If you have any other ideas for donations, please contact me directly....and on behalf of myself, my family, and our furry four legged feline friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, generosity, and support!


​Michelle Gierke

Exotic Folds Cattery & Scottish Folds and Exotic Felines Kids Pet Rescue, scottish fold rescue

scottish fold rescue

Surrender Donations & Cattery Assistance

we are not excepting rescues at this time due to funding issues and space

Hello, my name is Michelle and I am the founder of Exotic Folds Cattery. Even though we are a family of cat breeders, we are cat lovers first and foremost. This is why, and in addition to our cattery, we also operate Scottish Folds and Exotic short haired feline  Rescue here in Phoenix, Arizona and serving the entire Valley of the Sun. 

Scottish Folds and Exotic Felines Kids Pet Rescue provides a safe, caring and nurturing environment for felines in need of rehabilitation, foster care, and even hospice care to allow elderly and/or informed cats to live out the remainder of their lives with dignity and compassion. Cats may come to us because of age, disabilities, behavioral or medical issues. If we are able to rehabilitate and adopt them out, then we will look for the best possible home and match. If not, we will care for them until it is time to cross the rainbow bridge and go home. Most importantly, we are a NO-KILL SHELTER, and only euthanize in quality of life cases including irreversible pain and suffering. So if you for any reason need to surrender your Scottish Fold kitten or cat, or other exotic feline species'  our rescue will shelter them, feed them, give them medical care, and of course, love them. 

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